Fake Plastic Flower

Sara Leal

Faced with the proposed exercise, of making a film within the context of a residency, I ask: which object makes sense for me to recount and film?
I think. I seek. I look at the street. I look at myself. What makes sense to say, today?
Which character, real or fictional, might be interesting?
I think of a classic interview question, as if I was asking myself:
- If you could meet any character, frot he political arena, who has already died, who would it be?
A monologue which results in an enigmatic conversation on the creative processo.

Camera, Director and Editor: Sara Leal
Additional Camera: Dagmar Parreira, Nuno Costa Santos
Sound: Sara Leal, Dagmar Parreira
Music: Lobo Mau


Date & Time: Oct 31st
Author:Sara Leal
Curator:FUSO INSULAR 2020

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