Nuno Cera

Hello Tomorrow was created between the Summer of 2018 and the Summer of 2020, from my home on Rua da Madalena, in the historical centre of Lisbon. The project bears witness to and observes the passage of time, explores the changes in this epicentre of the city and questions the relationships and connections between all of us, in our apparent diversity. Home becomes an observatory, intimate shelter for an introspection, but always in the presence of others. The sequence of the days and nights, the cosmic relationships occur in the gaze´s escape to the sky. The city transforms from the apparently familiar to the very strange, from the presence to the absence of bodies and their movements.

Hello Tomorrow as document, as a memory for the future, what remains in the dichotomy between hyper density, capitalismo and the void, realized at the moment of the great “human pause”. It is also an ironic alert on ignorance, a square in a neighbourhood which is as old as the universe. From the micro-economy of immigrants, to mass tourism, and also a place of refuge for the homeless. A poetic plea for the urban, ready for an inclusive coexistence that has yet to be born…


Date:Oct 30th
Author:Nuno Cera 
Curator: Jean-François Chougnet

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