It´s only a black swan

Sara Massa

This video aims to, through exaggeration and dramatism, expose people who, after waking from a dream or nightmare become obsessed with its meaning and try to come up with logical explanations.

A process of conceiving a black swan in a black and white silent film, contrasts with an audio consisting of a jovial language, which even in the language of São Miguel, functions universally as background music for those who do not understand.

The macro shots at the beginning allow the spectator to have a closer look, which make detailed matters and sewing objects extraordinary.

Directed and edited by: Sara Sousa
Costumes and makeup: Sara Sousa
Audio/Voices: Francisco Santos, Henrique Sousa, Beatriz Toste, Sérgio Branco, Inês Lopes and Sara Sousa


Date & Time: Oct 31st
Author:Sara Massa
Curator:FUSO INSULAR 2020

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