Letters to Nowhere

Kopal Joshy

Traversing between the banality and the weight of words travelling via postcards, Letters to Nowhere is a cine-letter looking at words concealed outside of a sealed envelope. This visual poem tells the story of a fragile time in the life of the protagonist and her loved ones. She witnesses and narrates through her childish eyes, back then and now. Through the act of concealing the words of the past yet again, a dialogue about a familiar vulnerability is opened through unfamiliar voices behind anonymous letters.

Production: Kopal Joshy, DocNomads
DocNomads: Rob Rombout, Michel Coquette, Rogier Van Eck, Sonia Pastecchia, Nikos Appelquist Dalton, Antoine Fontaine, Lou Du Pontavice, Koen De Cuyper


Date:Oct 30th
Author:Kopal Joshy
Curator: Jean-François Chougnet

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