My kingdom was once a horse…

Mário Roberto

Father and son tattoo on each other their childhood horse.

A reflection on the fugacity of life and the marks that remain on the body and spirit, and how that memory affects us throughout our existence.

That ritual, betweent he two men, constitutes a new memory in their lives.

With Miguel Cipriano, Mário Roberto and Daniela Canto
Image/sound/editing Alexandra Afonso
Improvisation on violoncello Isabel Vieira

Manuel Bernardo Cabral
Ricardo Amaral
Marco Goulart
Antónia Pereira Lopes
Joel Fernandes
Lúcia Duarte
Sofia Botelho
Pedro Dinis


Date & Time: Oct 31st
Author:Mário Roberto
Curator:FUSO INSULAR 2020

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