O Pecado de João Palolo

Rita Azevedo Gomes

Ah! of things: The Sin of João Palolo. In the extensive and strange isolation in which we find ourselves — strange because it is not recognized in any other previously imagined, and because connection to the world is now singularly virtual — memories of life come through by enchantment. The extension of time gives them space, they occupy. There is a surprising unreality in things, in gestures. We see closer. The series of essays The Ah! of things, happens in this time that is simultaneously of astonishment and horror.

The Ah!, is a sequence of fantasies in film of the ‘feast of memories’. That’s what The sin of João Palolo is. Made while remembering João (António) Palolo, the friend who spoke to me about cobalt blue, and to whom I never said goodbye. Thus, he appears in paintings.


Date:Oct 30th
Author:Rita Azevedo Gomes
Curator: Jean-François Chougnet

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