Sister Apple

Pedro Páscoa

Sister Apple is an adaptation/surreal interpretation of a children´s story of a debatable theme by today´s standards.

It tells the story of a child who begins to deal with the idea that they its aborted its sister. It belongs, in my view, to a genre of themes which are increasingly avoided in stories directed at the younger sector.

In my adaptation, however, I decided to focus on the complexities of the means through which parents stamp completely formatted stories, censored and “clean”, onto their loved ones. At the same time the plataforms they use to do it are completely immersed in advertisements and seductive images of a commercial content, oftent hey are directed at their progenitors.

This piece aims to represent the corruption which this phenomenon may have on the development of these individuals.

Lee: Rita Couto
Father: Gonçalo Valério


Date & Time: Oct 31st
Author:Pedro Páscoa
Curator:FUSO INSULAR 2020

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