David Meireles

This video was produced around three main themes: the concept of teleportation, the portal and travel in space.

In the video, there was also a search for a “disoriented rhythm”, in such a way as to create an effect od nausea in the spectator. The protagonist holds in his hand a “machine”, from the beginning, and it allows him to travel through unexpected portals without any control. With the transitions created, the protagonist goes through portals which take him from plane to plane without a linear or purposeful context. In truth, the protagonist does not control the “machine”, it alone has the power to decide, jumping from plane to plane, dragging the protagonist with it.

The end goal is to tire the public, provoke in it disorietnation and nausea, which is precisely what happens to the vide´s protagonist.

In sum, the protagonist starts to look at himself in a mirror, without really knowing what is happening and then enters a portal which will take him from place to place, observing each place he finds himself in, but with no time to reflect on each of those places. This process leads to his psychological exhaustion, leading him to put the “machine” down and run far from that confusion without looking back.

Produced by David Meireles


Date & Time: Oct 31st
Author:David Meireles
Curator:FUSO INSULAR 2020

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