We Are All On The Same Bus

Nuno Serrão

We are all on the same bus. If we consider Einstein’s concept of space-time, we end up with an object in which everything that happens and everything that will happen is contained in its interior. Through it, we are driven by a vehicle, we will call it a bus, which is completely autonomous, which goes in a single direction, forward, and has a single window, the back window.

The astronomer Arthur Eddington called this vehicle The Arrow of Time. This idea, although depressingly determinist, is difficult to ignore given the already proven plasticity of time, even when we consider Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty, in which the act of observing something alters its result. A concept which does not invalidate a deterministic Universe, but rather allows for Hugh Everett’s Many-worlds Interpretation, also known as the Multiverse.


Production: urbanistas


Date:Oct 30th
Author:Nuno Serrão
Curator: Jean-François Chougnet

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